The Story

The Munch® Original Cot Teething Rail was conceived from the need to protect our baby from harm when she was gnawing on her cot rail. The absence of a true teething rail on the market gave us the incentive to design a product that was safe, would provide a soft soothing surface for our baby to gnaw, would protect her health and teeth, and would also protect our cot from further damage.

Shortly after being introduced onto the market in Australia, the Munch® Cot Teething Rail was recognised for its innovation, including “Best Product Overall” finalist on Kidspot and “Brilliant Buy” endorsement in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Magazine.

Our Munch® Flexi Cot Teething Rail is designed to fit a wide range of cot brands and profiles. We worked closely with Boori during the development and testing of the Flexi Cot Teething Rail – being one of the leading nursery furniture brands in Australia, China and the UK.

All Munch® Cot Teething Rails are manufactured from high quality, food-grade FDA compliant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). They have a soft, rubbery feel and are designed to be chewed to help relieve teething, whilst also protecting your nursery furniture. Other products are hard and are simply designed to protect the cot from damage. They are not a teething accessory and provide little relief for the child. The Munch® teething rail is one piece, hygienic and easy to clean. We recommend you purchase a Munch® teething rail with your cot to protect your baby’s teeth & health and your cot before teething starts.

The TPE compound is non-toxic, PVC free, Phthalate free, BPA free, Halogen-free, and can be recycled.

Munch® Cot Teething Rails can be purchased in our online store and are available at leading baby goods retailers.


Flexi Cot Teething Rail

Our latest rail designed to potect your babies teeth and cot


The Original Cot Teething Rail

Our original design for protecting your babies teeth and cot


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