PenPan Munch Flexi Cot Teething Rail Review October 2022

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  • October 12, 2022

Perfect to stop the little muncher!

Did my research and this was the only one out there. I read the reviews here beforehand so noted the helpful advice around taking the time to measure & cut the plastic properly and putting the sticky adhesives on firmly (run over several times).

Ended up being pretty straight forward to install (2 people are recommended, one to hold straight and other to stick the piece on), wraps around snugly on the bed top rail (on our Tasman Eco Capri White cot) and the adhesive is strong enough that little hands can’t try to pry off, and now little teeth can’t gnaw at the top corner!

Very happy as the little one was actually taking bits of paint off before, might even buy another to do the other side of the cot!
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