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Does it fit all cots?

Our Flexi teething rail fits all cots that have a traditional rectangular shape with straight (not curved) sides, even the much wider shelf or sleigh type rails. Because not all cots are the same dimensions, our teething rail is not molded to fit a particular cot rail size. Instead, our Flexi teething rail is flat and needs to be curved and cut to fit your particular cot. Some effort is required to do this, but the end result is that your baby and cot are protected. We don’t recommend our teething rails for cots that are oval in shape or have curved sides, such as those by Stokke or Leander.

How does it fit so many cots?

Because it is made from soft plastic, it is flexible enough to fit different rail sizes & profiles. Our Flexi teething rail is our newest design and will typically fit any traditional rectangular shape cot made by Boori, Tasman Eco, Grotime, etc.

Is it only enough for one cot rail or does it cover 2 sides?

It is designed to protect one side of a typical rectangular cot. There is no standard cot rail size so the Munch flexi can be adapted to fit all cots that have a traditional straight rail. It can be cut to fit your brand and model. When cutting to size as per the instructions, we recommend measuring to the bottom edge of the cot rail on both sides. This approach ensures you get the most effective bond with the cot rail. If you cut the Munch flexi too narrow and do not have sufficient “drop” on both sides, the adhesive tape will struggle to create a strong bond.

Why is it one long cover instead of in shorter sections that fit together?

One of the purposes of the teething rail is to provide a hygienic environment. If the rail was in sections, there would be gaps or join areas where germs can hide. The one long continuous cover prevents this from occurring.

What if it is too long?

The Flexi teething rail is 140cm long and can be cut length-wise and width-wise to suit your cot rail.

How do you attach it?

The Flexi teething rail includes a roll of our special double-sided adhesive tape. The tape is strong but gentle, quite easy to apply and is easily removed when teething is finished. If your cot rail has a width of around 5cm or less, apply in a “U” shape. If your cot rail has a width of more than 5cm, apply in an “L” shape. There are instructions included with the product. We do not recommend using any adhesive tape other than the roll we supply. Other brands or adhesive tapes simply do not work.

Where can I purchase more adhesive tape?

In our online store here.

Where can I get the fitting & removal instructions?

You can get them here. If you are going to print the instructions, we suggest printing double sided, flip on short edge.

Does it stick to the rail of my cot and cause damage?

Our teething rail is attached to your cot rail with double sided adhesive tape but it will not damage your cot. Our products are designed as a teething accessory to soothe sore gums, whilst at the same time protecting your baby and your furniture. The teething rail is easily removed when teething is finished.

What if my toddler can remove it?

If you follow our fitting instructions, we are confident your toddler will not be able to remove it.

What should I clean it with?

Baby wipes work wonderfully, alternatively you could disinfect the rail by cleaning it with Milton.

How long does it take to receive the rail?

Your purchase will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order. Most Australian domestic deliveries typically take 2-3 working days. For international orders, the time from shipment to receipt is dependent upon the shipping option selected at checkout.

How does it compare to other teething rails?

Munch Cot Teething Rails are made from the highest quality soft plastic and are designed to be chewed to help relieve teething, whilst also protecting your nursery furniture. Other products are hard and are not soothing for sore gums, or they are made of cloth (and are therefore unhygienic). These types of products are not teething accessories, and some are known to damage your cot when removed. Our Cot Teething Rail is one piece, hygienic, easy to clean and easy to remove without causing any damage. Both the plastic and adhesive tape are clear in colour so it won’t change the look of your nursery decor. We recommend you purchase our teething rail with your cot to protect your baby’s teeth & health and your cot before teething starts.

What is your return policy?

If you purchased your product from our online store, please use the Contact Us page of this website in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase. Products may be returned ONLY in original condition within ten days of receipt. We will not provide a refund due to change of mind or failure to follow fitting instructions.


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